This is not #greenwash

Loose up cycled gemstone on work bench by Musa Mundi

Responsibility and consequence accompany every purchase we make. Each time we spend money we cast a vote for the type of world we want to live in. Just digest that for a second...

The precious metal and gemstone industry is rife with human and environmental exploitation. From slavery and child labour, to toxic chemicals and deforestation, the industry continues to grow via supply and demand. Across the mining map we find extreme poverty, broken communities, war, corruption, pollution and major unethical practices - I'm talking children in gold mines with deformed limbs because of mercury poisoning - it's happening, now.

Musa Mundi jewellery is made using certified eco silver, vintage gold and upcycled gemstones. Precious metals and gemstones are finite geological resources and we have already extracted so much, there's really no need to continue. So using my personal collection of old gold, as well as gemstones which I find along my way - from auctions and the shelves of elderly jewellers - I create artisan rings, bangles and earrings with the intention to raise awareness on the merciless state of the jewellery industry. In addition, recycling materials reduces the previously mentioned supply and demand.

Ethical earrings made with recycled silver by Musa Mundi

Musa Mundi is a creative project built on activism and positive change. Each piece is an opportunity to begin a conversation and inspire consciousness, be it on ahimsa (non-violence), the environment or female empowerment. Packed with symbology, each item of jewellery is a reminder to live brighter, more conscious days...