Ahimsa Vegan Earrings

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Earring Symbology:
Ahimsa symbolises respect for all living creatures, non violence, universal love and compassion.

Veganism is a good example of ahimsa. Sadly even vegetarianism rests upon a ruthless and aggressive industry which has no mercy for gentle, vulnerable beings.

Then the ocean... shrimps, prawns and fish have a right to live their little lives also. May the form of these earrings be a reminder of such creatures.

No longer do we take one fish and thank the sea for its sacrifice. Seafood has become a gluttonous indulgence, a luxury rather than a necessity. And we don't need seafood for survival. Time to give the ocean a much needed break. Time to let it thrive again and seek harmony with our fellow earthlings.

Creative Process:
Musa Mundi earrings are hand crafted using certified eco silver. There are no factory lines, each piece is made with intuitive creative flow and artisan individuality.